Pilar Alegría Presents Draft Of The Professional Training Law To Mark1199

The Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Pilar Alegría, has submitted to the opinion of the Plenary of the State School Council, the preliminary draft of the future Organic Law of Organization and Integration of Vocational Training.

“One of the milestones of the path that has already been started is the transformation of Vocational Training that must be consolidated with an Organic Law that places it definitively as a benchmark of excellence and a synonym for the future,” stressed Alegría  Mark1199

The new head has met for the first time with the educational community since she assumed the portfolio of Education and Vocational Training last Monday. In her speech, the minister defended unity and consensus in the educational field as essential tools to face the challenges that lie ahead as a country.

“Dialogue and active listening are essential to advance in the transformation and modernization of our educational and vocational training system, a need that I know we share,” he added Mark1199.

The preliminary draft of the Law thus continues the process of debate and participation after being presented for a report on Tuesday before the Plenary of the General Council of Vocational Training, a consultative body for participation and advice to the Government in the field of vocational training.

After the first reading by the Council of Ministers last June, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MEFP) has collected the contributions to the text of the different agents involved in the field of VET.

The document will also be addressed by the Economic and Social Council and the Council of State before being approved by the Executive cabinet to initiate the parliamentary process.

The future Law will consolidate the new Professional Training model designed by the MEFP. The norm will order the system giving it flexibility and connecting it directly with the labor reality of the different productive sectors.

The text establishes a flexible, modular and cumulative offer of Professional Training designed in training itineraries that allow progression through five ascending degrees. Mark1199This design will facilitate access to a whole range of training courses of different duration and learning volume that will be cumulative and will allow each person to design their own training itinerary based on their needs.

“The silent revolution that began three years ago with the VET Modernization Plan, involving the social partners and making companies jointly responsible, is a priority for this Ministry because it will be decisive in creating new quality jobs that our young people they need. It is a true country project “, highlighted Pilar Alegría. “We are risking the future and there is no more powerful lever for transformation than education,” he concluded.