Taliban harassing UN staff; Targeting NGO helping women

Amid Taliban atrocities on journalists and protesters in Afghanistan, UN Ambassador Deborah Lyons has said that the Taliban is harassing and intimidating UN staff in Afghanistan. If the staff fears for their lives, then they will not be able to do essential work for the people of Afghanistan.

The Taliban have captured the palace of former Vice President of Afghanistan Abdul Rashid Dostum in Kabul, 150 Taliban living in the former vice-president’s house . 150 Taliban are living here with all the amenities. They say that Dostum was a vampire who built this house with the blood of the Afghan people. The people of Afghanistan had nothing to eat and Dostum built a palace.

International flights started from Kabul Airport The first international flight took off on Thursday after the withdrawal of American troops from Kabul Airport and the occupation of Taliban. This Qatar Airways flight carried 200 people to Doha, the capital of Qatar. Americans were also among these people. Let us tell you that on August 31, the US handed over the Kabul airport to the Taliban. After this flights were banned from Kabul Airport, but have now been resumed.

Taliban Thought – Women’s job is only to have children, they can’t become ministers In Afghanistan, the demonstration of women fighting the Taliban for their rights and their participation in the new government has intensified. The demonstration of women has increased from Kabul to the north-eastern province of Badakhshan. There too many women have come out on the streets. Meanwhile, the Taliban has given an absurd statement about women. Taliban spokesman Syed Zakirullah Hashmi said- ‘A woman cannot become a minister. It is not necessary for women to be in the cabinet. They should have children. That is their job. Women protesters are not representing all women in Afghanistan.

Taliban vandalizes the tomb of Afghan hero Taliban on Thursday ransacked the tomb of Afghan hero Ahmed Shah Masood, creating a ruckus in Panjshir’s capital Bazarakh. Let us tell you that Thursday was the 20th anniversary of Masood. Masood was assassinated by Al Qaeda on September 9, 2001, just two days before the 9/11 attacks in America.

The Taliban, who are swinging on American planes, have been forced to leave their planes in Afghanistan, but American soldiers have disabled these planes. In such a situation, the Taliban are not able to fly these planes, but they are seen swinging on them. A similar video has gone viral on social media, although its location is not known.

UN Warning – The economic system in Afghanistan may collapse completely The United Nations has warned that social systems and economy in Afghanistan are in danger of being completely derailed. UN Ambassador on Afghanistan Deborah Lyons has appealed to the world to keep the flow of money in Afghanistan despite concerns about the Taliban, otherwise the situation of the already poor could become uncontrollable. Afghanistan is currently facing crises such as a fall in the value of currency, a huge increase in the prices of food items, petrol and diesel and lack of cash in private banks. Even the institutions do not have the money to pay the salaries of the staff. The UN has said that in these circumstances, a few months’ time should be given to run the economy.