The Taliban vandalized the Norwegian Embassy, ​​also broke the tomb of Ahmed Shah Masood

The Taliban vandalized the Norwegian Embassy, ​​also broke the tomb of Ahmed Shah Masood

As soon as the power of Afghanistan came to power, the violence of Taliban fighters has also started increasing. Taliban fighters, who have so far targeted journalists, artists and the general public, are now vandalizing buildings as well.

Two more such cases have come to the fore today. On the one hand, Taliban fighters have vandalized the Norwegian Embassy after capturing it. On the other hand, the tomb of Ahmed Shah Masood has also been damaged.

According to the information received, the Taliban have captured the Norwegian embassy in Kabul. They have destroyed the wine bottles and books kept there. Norway’s ambassador to Iran, Siegwald Hauge, said in a tweet: “The Taliban have now taken over the Norwegian Embassy in Kabul. Said they would return it to us later. But first the wine bottles have to be broken and children’s books have to be destroyed. Guns are apparently less dangerous”.

On the other hand, there is news that the Taliban have also vandalized the tomb of Ahmed Shah Masood. This work has been carried out on the 20th anniversary of Masood. Local media have released images showing the tombstone broken.

Ahmed Shah Masood is known as the ‘Lion of Panjshir’. He was one of the main leaders of the Afghan Mujahideen, which defeated the Soviet Union in 1989. After this, when the Taliban expanded its scope and when it took power in Afghanistan in the 90s, Ahmed Shah Masood declared war against the Taliban. After which he died in an attack on 9 December 2001.

Let us tell you that the Taliban has announced the formation of a government in Afghanistan with 33 ministers. Before the formation of the government, the Taliban had been talking about peace and amnesty, but even then its violence continued, and now more violence seems to be increasing.