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Audi Q3-Sized electrical Crossover to Arrive by 2021: A Study


 The Zwickau plant in European country can designed next addition to the E-Tron family.

udi has some formidable plans for associate electrified future. That involves growing its E-Tron line of all-electric vehicles with a midsize crossover, a sedan, a Sportback. And currently it feels like a smaller crossover are connection the lineup, If anonymous sources cited by Bloomberg are to be believed. That will definitely justify what is underneath the sheet during this recently-dropped teaser from Audi.

“We [Audi] have confirmed the E-Tron, E-Tron Sportback and also the E-Tron GT returning within the next 3 years,” aforementioned associate Audi representative in associate email to The Drive.

As unofficial as this report could also be. It certain feels like a true product that we tend to might see existing in a very few years. It’s straightforward to check a Q3-sized eV from Audi being a success. Particularly presumptuous it’ll have sturdy vary and performance numbers at a worth that’s reachable of the lots.

The huge facility is on the brink of endure a $1.4-billion makeover to become the producing heart of the VW conglomerate’s electrification push. And estimates place annual eV production from the Zwickau plant at up to 330,000 units p.a..

What we will make sure is that the VW cluster is designing on creating six EVs at Zwickau by 2021 . Which one amongst them are the I.D. Crozz crossover and to of them are Audis. We tend to wouldn’t be stunned if a compact crossover was one amongst them.

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