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Destiny 2: New Light Takes You Back To Destiny 1 For A Mission


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Bungie is planning Destiny 2 to be a live game for the foreseeable future, including making it free-to-play. But the free “New Light” introduction isn’t just taking you through the main campaign of Destiny 2 vanilla. Instead, it starts totally fresh by recontextualizing the very first Destiny mission.

When you begin New Light, you’ll play through the first mission from the original Destiny. It’s slightly different this time around, with minor changes to aspects like Ghost’s dialogue. (Ghost was voiced by actor Peter Dinklage in the first game, but was changed to Nolan North in The Taken King expansion.) And upon completing the mission, you’re taken to the new Tower as seen in Destiny 2. You can watch it above.

The change makes a more natural introduction to the world of Destiny, as the second game’s intro was presented as an invasion against battle-tested Guardians. If you want to go back and replay older campaign missions, you’ll just need to find Amanda Holliday at the Tower. The patch notes mention that freshly made characters will be given a “New Light” quest to lead through “most ritual activities, Year 1 seasonal content, and Year 1 destinations.”

If you do jump into New Light, you’ll get a massive chunk of content for free. It starts you at a Power Level of 750 and you can take on any Free Roam mission right from the start. You’ll also be able to obtain all exotics from Year 1, and can complete missions from The Red War, Curse of Osiris, and Warmind, and Year 1 Nightfall Strikes. The ranks and rewards for seasonal events are up for grabs too.

If you’re planning to take on the new Shadowkeep content, you may need a refresher on the complex lore of the Hive. But Shadowkeep has its perks, like a new exotic weapon that’s yours right from the start. The servers seem to be under a bit of strain from the launch demand, though, so you may need to be patient and persistent to get in.

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