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Google expands recruiting in Taiwan, new office landing bridge


Rick Osterloh, senior vice president of Google services and devices. Announced that the office would be moved into Banqiao to accommodate more Taiwanese employees.

Rick Osterloh, senior vice president of Google devices and solutions (original hardware), came to Taiwan yesterday. With the acquisition of HTC’s Google mobile phone team, Taiwan has become Google’s most significant engineering research and development base. Double growth, it’s anticipated that the R&D staff’s office will be moved to the Far East Communication Park in Xinbei Banqiao by the end of 2020, and hundreds of workers will be recruited this year.

In this regard, Rick Osterloh said that following the last agreement with HTC, Google’s most critical technology R&D center was in Taiwan, but the pace of investing in Taiwan didn’t stop for it. I am very happy to see it every time I come to Taiwan. What is going to happen in the future?

At the moment, Google employs over 2,000 people. Rick Osterloh said that the new office is a leased building. Due to the upcoming expansion in Taiwan and even twice the area for growth. It is decided to unite the employees in various places and concentrate on Banqiao. Like other Google offices, it will have a healthy living room such as a dining room and a fitness area. The target will be moved in batches from the end of 2020.

Strengthen the popularization of AI knowledge

Concerning talent recruiting and exchange in Taiwan. Google plans to increase its industrial activities, campus recruiting and internship opportunities this year. And will also strengthen the exploration of female abilities. Such as women’s recruiting and women-oriented science and technology career activities.

Divided into four regions “Google Smart Taiwan Program”:

  • AI professional knowledge popularization
  • Digital marketing
  • Content production
  • Cloud

To cultivate talents. For example, the popularization of AI knowledge is to enable 5,000 teachers. And students to attain AI training during the international online resources of Google AI Innovation Research Camp and Learning with Google AI. Digital advertising is a free digital course. With offline substantive courses in Taichung and Tainan, benefiting 50,000 people.

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In the content creation section, Over 230 university professors are assisting for YouTube Creator Academy and the Teacher Training Camp. And 200 creators to enhance the creative capability of audio and video content.

Google Taiwan Managing Director Jane Lifeng also took the opportunity to express gratitude to all levels of government units, industry and academic partners, and consider that the support from all walks of life will allow

Google to successfully promote the”Google Smart Taiwan Program” in the last year, through various types of strength and resources. Help Taiwan to cultivate AI and digital marketing talents, and successfully achieve the aim of”AI training 5,000 people” and”digital marketing training 50,000 people.”
Looking forward to this year, Jane Lifeng said that it will continue the talent cultivation project of the Google Smart Taiwan Program, expand the scope of training and education, and lower the threshold for learning AI and electronic knowledge, so that more educators, pupils, enterprises, developers and even the general public can Can reap.

Supply digital marketing courses

Since the launch of the Google Smart Taiwan Program in 2018, Google continues to be actively recruiting abilities in Taiwan.

This year, Google will significantly increase the frequency and scale of talent exchanges in the industry. Hold more campus recruitment and university professor trade activities. And will open more internships and opportunities. Additionally, Google will actively participate in the Women in Tech industry activities. Interact with female high school students. And invite Taiwanese women to combine the technology industry.

In reaction to this year’s talent development, the”Google Smart Taiwan Program” will continue the successful implementation of last year and include more execution projects.

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For the programmer part, this year, Google established a dedicated team of regular parts of training in Taiwan to expand the GDG (Google Developer Group) community across Taiwan, starting an online and physical training program, ML Study Jam, through workshops, lectures, and classes. Strengthen the connection with the developer community.

As for the electronic advertising part, I expect that the learning resources will be spread all across the North, Central, and South. Google will also The New North Social Enterprise and E-Commerce Base starts classes to provide pertinent knowledge to curious northern people and businesses.

At exactly the exact same time, Google also offers several classes for schools. Which may be officially included in the credit classes of Feng Chia University in Taichung and Sun Yat-sen University in Kaohsiung. So that students can gain professional digital marketing knowledge and explore more chances for future career development.

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