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Guided open air visits, craftsmanship agendas, strolling visit, 24 abbreviations keep in touch with De Luca: we should begin from the ringers

by srsuri2017

The guided tours to discover the enormous beauty of Campania were, in the pre Covid era, a universe in great expansion. But the prolonged contraction is likely to implode a system that is configured as a professional outlet for young people in the area. For this 24 organizations from the Greens to the Touring Club in 20 tourist guides have sent a letter to the governor of Campania Vincenzo De Luca to request a meeting «in order to guarantee the restart of visits to the open, educational itineraries, walking tours, cycle rides and start again with a sustainable tourist planning starting from the knowledge of the territory by the citizens of Campania “.

«Even before the pandemic. the insiders write in the note sent to the governor – many cultural and ecological associations, licensed tourist and naturalistic guides, tourist service agencies proposed a different offer, seasonally adapting and relocating tourist flows to less areas visited, but equally of great historical, naturalistic and anthropological interest.

«Tourism – say Carmine Maturo, national spokesman for Green Italia, Germana Falibretti, cultural manager of Heart of the City and Valerio Russo, administrator of K ‘Nature – is, by far, among the sectors most affected by the crisis economic linked to the Coronavirus pandemic and the incoming sector will probably take several months to recover. Nonetheless, the increased sensitivity of the citizen of Campania who increasingly wants to know their territory can represent the first outlet for a restart that is sustainable and responsible and propose new challenges by educating and involving residents in the tourist planning of the territory “. “There has been a long discussion – the subscribers of the letter continue – both at national and local level of the restarting of economic activities of various kinds, to date, at regional level, there are no clear guidelines that allow the programming of activities for a whole series of actors (tourist guides, nature guides, associations, territorial entertainers, etc.) “.

«Guided outdoor visits, educational itineraries, distant walking tours from traditional and most popular routes, ecotourism and bicycle touring can, according to the petitioners, start immediately giving economic oxygen to the sector and without requiring particular precautions that go beyond the obvious social distancing, use of personal protective equipment, use of sanitized radio guides, etc. “.

The signatories: Marianna D’Orsi Pisani, Regional Vice Consul for Campania of the Italian Touring Club, Paola Silvi, President of Legambiente Parco Letterario Vesuvio, Ornella Capezzuto, WWF President of Naples, Pamela Palomba, President of the Cultural Association Locus Iste PLACES and MEMORY, Antonio Daniele, FIAB Campania Coordinator, Gabriella Guida, President of the Neapolitan Cultural Association of Cultural Heritage, Luigi Saccenti, Viaggi e Miraggi, Mariangela Baldoni, President of the Naples Cultural Association tour singing, Associazione Oltre il Chiostro onlus, Giuseppe Maienza, Casa Tolentino , Guido Liotti, President of the cultural association Lo Sguardo che Trasforma, Erika Quercia, president of the Narteam cultural association, Valeria Cacciapuoti, president of the Le Capere cultural association, Assunta Stracchino, president of the Medea Art cultural association, Rossella Florentino Loredana Papandrea, Palazzo D’Avalos association, Caterina De Vivo, Cultural Association Project Museum and CSI Gaiola, Rosanna Palazzolo, President of the Arte per Amore Association, Daniela Giordano, President of the Napoli da Cima a Fondo Association, Angela Giuliano, President of the Social Promotion Association Art for cuozzis, Antonella Pisano, President of the ArteMiss Cultural Association – chasing masterpieces, Giusy Perrotta, Association Spokesman Nesea, Tour guides Campania Region Lucia Franco; Luisa Fucito; Anna Principe; Giovanna Ferrandino; Manuela Orlanzo; Dina Viscardi; Francesca Sepe; Doriana De Martino; Erika Chiappinelli; Giusy Florenzia Bortone; Gabriella Sansone; Mariachiara Heifer; Fabio Comella; Matteo Borriello; Alessandra Nuzzi, Maria Cristina Napolitano; Pasquale De Candia, Francesca Licata national tourist guides; Daria D’Angelo; Rita Laurenzano; Marcella Cozzolino.


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