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Mario Kart Tour Hits A Huge Milestone In One Week


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It’s been one week since Mario Kart Tour arrived on iOS and Android devices, and despite its aggressive microtransactions, it’s already proving to be a big hit for Nintendo. The game amassed a record-breaking 10.1 million downloads on launch day, and now that number has climbed to 90 million, mobile analytics tracker Sensor Tower reports.

According to Sensor Tower, that makes Mario Kart Tour Nintendo’s fastest mobile game launch to date. By comparison, the previous game to hold that distinction, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, hit 14 million downloads in its first week, while Super Mario Run garnered 13 million (although unlike the other two titles, players had to spend $10 to unlock everything beyond Super Mario Run’s first three levels).

Sensor Tower shares some other interesting data on how Mario Kart Tour is faring. Thus far, it seems the game is more popular on Android than iOS devices, accounting for nearly 60% of its downloads. However, iOS owners have spent far more money on the game; more than 75% of its gross revenue comes from the App Store. The US leads in terms of downloads and revenue.

According to Sensor Tower, Mario Kart Tour has grossed more than $12 million in its first week on the market. However, Nintendo’s most successful mobile game is still far and away Fire Emblem Heroes. Since it launched back in early 2017, the title has generated more than $618 million. Pocket Camp currently sits at second with $111 million in revenue, while Dragalia Lost is close behind at $106 million.

Mario Kart Tour’s first Tour event is still live, and it offers a chance to unlock two special characters: Pauline and Musician Mario. While there isn’t multiplayer in Mario Kart Tour yet, Nintendo says the feature will be coming in the future. For more on the game, be sure to check out our Mario Kart Tour impressions.

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