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CVS testing Delivery of Medicines via Drone

Next-level Technology – CVS testing Delivery of Medicines via Drone

by srsuri2017

Medicines can be delivered at your doorstep and that too not by a human but through Drone! Yes, drones can soon be the delivery boys who’ll be bringing for you aspirins, Ibuprofen or any medication you ordered for from your drug store.

CVS is one of the recent drugstores which is planning to utilise the drone technology for delivering medications. This pharmacy branch has joined hands with UPS which currently got the certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to build a certain amount of drone deliveries.

CVS said that customers do except and cherish quick deliveries, especially when it’s essential products like medicines. However, there are major regulatory hurdles in bringing drones to the mainstream.

The drugstore hasn’t yet declared that where the test will be conducted. The drones designed for CVS will be completely automated and will fly only according to the pre-decided routes. These drones are designed to carry a capacity of up to 5 pounds and it will drop the parcel either in front of the house or backyard. If necessary, for security purpose, a human will look after the flight. Medications will be delivered within 5 to 10 minutes, it will be that quick delivery.

Speed makes a huge difference in case of emergency situations, hence this can be a game-changer for healthcare.

Drones have already become a popular technology partner in overseas. UPS have already developed 11,00 sample deliveries of medical via drone at a Raleigh hospital in North Carolina.

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