Our Team

Lalita Choudhary

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Being one among the chief news writers and editors at Daily Facts N Trends, She possesses specialization in technology and science domains. Her passion for the newest developments in cloud technology, nano-tech, computer game, connected device, and science shines through the most up-to-date coverage of the business she provides. Her strive against outcomes of digital technologies across the business, science and technology business provides her writing a contemporary and contemporary outlook.

Aalok Khokhar

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Aalok Sharma has been conducive to our News channel not simply with his exquisite skills however conjointly with his precious information within the field of science, technology, and business. His interest and fervor lie discovering and exploring the result of the changing nature of technology in many industries and conjointly on the international economy. he's a post-graduate in media and his passion for writing reveals through his articles on shopper way.

Rajesh Kumar

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Rajesh is incredibly at home with financial and industrial conditions and ideas and may communicate them in simple, clear and apprehensible language. It focuses chiefly on current affairs. It conjointly presents its position on totally different platforms. He conjointly practices yoga and enjoys sending its advantages.