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Rainbow Six Siege Considered Adding A Very Good Doggo


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Rainbow Six Siege has become one of Ubisoft’s most successful live games with a steady stream of new operators joining the competitive landscape. One fan recently wondered if the game would ever add a K9 operator, and while the team at Ubisoft has considered it, there’s one problem holding them back: no one wants to kill a dog.

The answer came in the midst of a Q&A with presentation director Alexander Karpazis. The format was addressing questions from Twitter, which means his answers were quick and pithy. In response to one fan asking about a K9 unit in Siege, he simply acknowledged that the team had thought about it, but implied the team hasn’t figured a way around that central problem.

“This is something we’ve talked about for a while,” Karpazis said. “Our creative director always talks about a K9 unit. But to answer your question, I have to ask you a question: are you okay with shooting a dog?”

Dogs as enemies are common in games featuring hordes of undead, and less so but still present in games like Call of Duty. The upcoming game The Last of Us 2 features dogs as enemy units, which may make you pretty uncomfortable. But introducing it in a competitive game is a different kind of design challenge, and Karpazis doesn’t sound sure they’ve solved it.

Elsewhere in the Q&A, he mentions that the team cancelled plans for an Area 51 map. The most recent update added an operator with a flame-throwing shield, so despite its gritty Tom Clancy roots the game isn’t exactly afraid to get absurd. Ubisoft just doesn’t want to make you sad while they’re at it.

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