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Sony Restructuring Lays Off Dozens Of Employees


Sony Interactive Entertainment has reportedly laid off dozens of employees in its SIE Europe branch across several departments.

Video Games Chronicle reports that the divisions impacted including marketing, PR, and the US creative services team. Some employees have also been asked to re-interview for their prior roles. The employees were notified on the same day the company shared new details about the PlayStation 5.

Sony’s gaming division has been undergoing a number of structural changes recently, including new CEO and President Jim Ryan being named. That was part of a restructuring that had Ryan switching places with John Kodera, who became Deputy President. Another sudden reshuffle came recently with the recent departure of Worldwide Studios head Shawn Layden.

This comes as the company prepares to launch the PS5 by next holiday season. As part of its recent announcements, it revealed more about the controller, which may or may not be called a DualShock 5, and that the studio behind some high-profile remasters is working on a PS5 project.

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